Use Data to Make Important Decisions.

ProtectWell gives employers a dashboard view of how many employees are cleared to work and when it’s time to make important occupational health decisions.

Know who’s cleared to work in real-time.


The ProtectWell dashboard gives you the information you need to make important occupational health decisions.

Know how many employees need to stay home due to symptoms

Geographically view your hotspots based on employee location and symptoms

Clearance status based on clinical CDC protocols

We make implemenation and onboarding easy.

Configuration and Support

Choose the features and support that work best for you.

Configure your ProtectWell platform with optional QR code scanners and COVID-19 testing. Then we’ll help you set up your employee roster and invite everyone to download the ProtectWell app.

Configuration options include:

•  Resource content

•  Help Center content

•  Call-to-action messaging

•  Communication templates

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