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ProtectWell helps employers understand the protocols - anchored by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and the latest clinical science - for returning to work.

Return to work with ProtectWell.

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Recommendations for planning to return to work safely.

We’ve combined information from national guidelines, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to provide you with the top recommendations to advance your return to work site strategy.

ProtectWell makes it easy to get started safely.

ProtectWell Platform

CDC guidance, symptom screening and status communication in a few easy steps.

Through daily symptom screening, ProtectWell helps employees make decisions about when it is safe to go to work, manage symptoms at home or get tested. It also helps co-workers know their colleagues are following safety protocols.

Caring for the Carers
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Try ProtectWell
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Know when it’s time for extra safety measures.

ProtectWell Reporting

Use data to make important occupational health decisions.

ProtectWell reporting gives employers a dashboard view of their business to help ensure they are taking the proper steps to provide a safe business environment for their employees.

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